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Eggert Crossing Village achieves national distinction

Eggerts Crossing Village is selected as the winner of the "2020 Community of Quality Award in the Exem

plary Family Development category," through the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) annual award process!

It is quite an accomplishment to be named a "National Community of Quality Award winner."

The competitive process has outstanding properties vying head-to-head against one another, and an independent panel of judges carefully analyzes the entries to select the ones that really stand out.

There are so many people who made this award possible particularly Property Manager Gail Dash, and Vice President, Sue McElhatton -- they not only took the idea of becoming a National Exemplary Property seriously but in recent years they did just about everything possible to make it a reality. Special thanks also go to two other longer-term team members at the Village -- Jeff Maser, our Superintendent who has been a great partner to Gail in creating and maintaining the physical results that lead up to this type of award, and Flora Reading -- a steadfast and compassionate resource for the residents.

This is also a very nice tribute to the vision of Fred Vereen, and the strong partnership that he, the Village Board, and the team at PRD have forged over our 10+ years of working together.

Congratulations to everyone associated with this property -- there is so much to be proud of. The 2020 COQ award winners will be honored during the NAHMA Communities of Quality Awards Ceremony that will take place during the NAHMA 2021 March meeting, which will be a virtual event.

I have attached the application we submitted for your perusal. All the design and writing credit go to Gwen Isner (PRD Home Office) and her daughter Madie Isner (our summer intern) for creating this beautiful piece for the submission.

Have a great day,


Karin McGrath Dunn

President PRD Management, Inc.


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