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ECV Star Story - Aaliyah Walker

Aaliyah Walker graduated from Montclair State University fours years after graduating from Lawrence High School and eight years after participating in Every Child Valued as a student and volunteer. During the week after school, as a volunteer, she would help with homework and play games with the children.

Aaliyah remembers the people who helped her along the way, including Ms. Tonia Moore, a guidance counselor from Lawrence High School who was very involved at ECV; Courtney Leonard, an ECV teacher who is now the ECV Program Director; and Arzaga Dillard, who was the former ECV Program Director, now retired from the position.

At Montclair State University, she gave back to less fortunate students by helping physically challenged students navigate the university experience working. With the help of scholarships, she worked her way through school as a New York Fashion Week show production manager in New York City.

Today, she has a career as a Human Resources Professional in Philadelphia, PA.


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